Thursday, August 25, 2011

Language Lesson--Papiamento

Today class we will have a guest speaker tell us a little about Aruba's native tongue, Papiamento (pa-pay-ah-mento), and teach us a few basic words.  Tracey is a senior at the University of Aruba's Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management Studies and a student in my Destination Marketing and Tourism Planning classes.  She represented her country as Miss Aruba in 2007.  According to Tracey,

"Aruba's native language is Papiamento.  Papiamento is unique to the ABC islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.  Papiamento evolved from a basic dialect, used for the purpose of communication among people with different native languages, into a more complex language it is today.  Papiamento is based on an Afro-Portuguese Creole, but which over the years has also the English, Dutch, and Spanish influence.  Papiamento is FUN!! J

Here are Tracey's 10 fun words in Papiamento:

Word:  sunchi     pronounced:  (soon-chi)     meaning:  Kiss

Peluchi       (pe-lu-chi)           Stuffed animals, e.g., teddy bears

Coi kibra     (coe key-bra)      Dishes, e.g., plates, glasses, forks, knives

Cadushi      (ca-do-she)         Cactus

Nanishi       (na-ni-she)          Nose

Dushi          (do-she)              Good looking or delicious

Tutu            (to-to)                  Cute

Stima          (ste-ma)              Love

Bonchi        (bon-chi)             Beans

Cocolishi    (co-co-lee-shi)     Seashells

Learning a few words of a native language is often considered respectful among local residents, as well as insightful into Aruba's rich cultural and linguistic heritage.  Personally, I like being called "dushi" (honey or sweetie) around the island--very much indicative of the warmth and kindness of the Aruban people.  Thanks Tracey!

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