Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Masterpiece on Every Corner

I love the island's vernacular architecture.  Recipe:  add centuries-old structures built by different cultures, add several layers of different construction materials, add different coats of color, and expose to relentless sun, sand, and wind.  Result:  an unassuming masterpiece on every corner, and every bit as important to tourism as "attractions."  Here you can see the classic Aruban house architecture of a moderately pitched tile or grooved roof, two front windows, and a front door with a small yard.  The back of the home is sometimes extended to accomodate extra living quarters.  Luckily, some of new houses pay homage to the island's past in style, color, and texture.  Much like his colorful and sun-drenched Spain, I think Picasso would love this place!


  1. In Aruba at the moment on holiday and I am enjoying the architecture , vibrant colours and natural landscape. Great blog and pictures.

    1. Aruba houses got vibrant and beautiful colors and architecture. Houses near the beach got special arrangement like they have open gift shops and small restaurants.

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