Saturday, September 3, 2011

San Nicolaas

Charlie's Bar--An Island Institution Since 1941
With colorful buildings and an even more colorful history, San Nicolaas is Aruba's second largest city. Not as touristy as the north end of the island, San Nicolaas has a quiet charm and distinctly Caribbean flavor.  In fact, there is a Caribbean Festival held in downtown San Nicolaas every Thursday night.  There are also several good beaches nearby, including Baby Beach. Ripe for redevelopment, investors should check this place out--it is probably the most underrated coastal property in the Caribbean. As I know from growing up in South Carolina, it only takes a major project or two to send land values skyrocketing.  I love the last picture in this post--ultimate self-expression!

Historic White Star Rum Shop Since 1941
Sadly painted over by 2013
Was told "Mike" was an aspiring political candidate

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